2 weeks ago I asked my Facebook friends a simple question, and the question was; between 1 Million UGX or 1 Million Facebook followers which one they would choose? The majority responded that they would choose the social media followers. Most of you who responded gave me a precise answer why you would go for social media followers.

Well, today I want to touch a bit on social media followers and their benefits.

Growing a social media audience/followers can be one of the hardest things but can have several rewarding benefits once you already have the audience needed.

Looking at some of the popular people and the number of followers they have on social media, you will clearly see that they have a high influence and they can easily drive sales through their online audience.

1. To start with, having a larger audience can help increase the visibility and reach of your content, potentially leading to more engagement and interactions with your followers. This can be especially beneficial for businesses and organizations, as a larger audience can translate into more potential customers or supporters.

2. Getting brand deals. One of the greatest factors most advertisers consider nowadays while giving someone a deal is numbers, having a huge follower base on social media, either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc can make you stand a higher chance of getting brand deals because most companies will look at the number of followers you have first before giving you business.

3. Growing your social media audience can help you build a stronger sense of community around your brand or message. This can lead to increased loyalty and support from your followers, as well as potentially providing valuable feedback and insights that can help you improve and evolve your content.

4. You can drive more traffic to your blog/website. There are many sources and ways of getting traffic to websites, one of which is through search engines but that comes down to how good you are with search engine optimization (SEO). The best way to get huge traffic to the websites is also through social media, so if you have large social media followers, it automatically translates to more website traffic hence giving you more money.

5. Having a large social media audience can also provide more opportunities for collaborations and partnerships with other creators or brands. This can help you expand your reach even further and potentially open up new opportunities for growth and success.

We are here to learn together! If growing up your social media audience is something you would be interested in, I am here to help and walk you through it.

The class goes at a small fee of UGX 50,000 ($15) only and you will be able to learn how you can grow an online audience and later on monetize it. Social media should not be about posting pictures only and abusing people.

Book a training session today and let’s start the training immediately.

Call or WhatsApp: +256780187237

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