Harare Has Fallen

I’m at the scene where this movie is being shot. It’s a sunny day in Harare, Zimbabwe. Director, Michael Bay, paces around the set restlessly. He slumps in his seat and pores through the script. There are props of different kinds; tanks, military armors, guns, soldiers clad in military gear. There are hundreds of extras.

“This must be a big-budget movie,” I think to myself.

Michael Bay stands up and shrieks orders, loudly. Everyone gets in character. The head of ZNA (Zimbabwe National Army) steps forward and addresses international media; Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, NBS, and more.

Michael looks on intently and says, “Cut!” He walks over and tells him to give it a second shot. “Just say that there’s no coup happening even when it’s a coup,” Michael tells him. And the ZNA head walks back on the set and redoes that part. The media shoots him questions. Michael Bay looks on. Everyone looks on. “It’s a wrap, lads! We nailed it,” Michael Bay says, joyously.

Moral of the story: This Zimbabwe thing looks scripted to the dot. It’s like a movie you would watch on Sony Max on GOtv Max. By the way, speaking of GOtv Max. These GOtv folks introduced GOtv Max, a new premium bouquet with more channels. With only 49,000/=, upgrade to GOtv Max and watch La Liga, Sony Max, Fox Entertainment and more. All the newsy channels are there, too.

Back at the set in Harare. We are now going to shoot Robert Mugabe’s part. He’s groggily walking to the set. Then he trips and falls…so does Harare.

Harare has fallen.

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Written by Nimusiima Edward (1)

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