Night of Ideas / Nuit des idées

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Date(s) - 25/01/2018
6:00 pm - 11:45 pm

Alliance Française Kampala


Nuit des I’dees
Night of Ideas

L’imagination au pouvoir / Power to the imagination

25th January

May 1968’, Paris, students take to the streets and riot, their protests spreads, amongst the working class and other universities across France putting the economy to halt. Their slogan ‘L’imagination au pouvoir or Power to the imagination’ was spread all over the streets, in the factories, all over France. The students that initiated it, focused on changing the authoritarian regimes within their institutions, sparked a need to speak out within the country, a demand for more, a new way of life, solidarity, equality, creating a social and economic revolution.
Although the riots in Paris 1968 only lasted for a month, they were hugely responsible for creating a social / economic /political change in French culture. In Uganda’s case, social change is sporadic and often goes unnoticed but continues. From the student’s most recent protests on the age limit, electing an artist into parliament, to the notable growth of ‘creative’ industries in Uganda, within just 20 years. Spearheading these changes are the youth of Uganda. Known as the world’s youngest population (78 percent under the age 30), and having one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Sub-Saharan Africa, Uganda’s youth are stuck but have already paved the pathway for change.

The objectives of the project are to debate and focus on how the authoritarian institutions, education and politics perpetuate the situation of unemployment amongst Uganda, to shed a light on those who have managed to break the cycle through creative fields and lastly; to bring to discussion how Ugandan youth can overcome the issues of unemployment.

Panel Discussion / Public talks / Showcase:
Dialogue Topic: How can we be our own salvations?
The youth population of Uganda, raised by a militantly practical generation that transitioned from colonialism and the instabilities of leaders such as Idi Amin. Uganda; although now stable, lacks educational and political policies that cater to its greatest population’s needs. Political leaders condemn fields that often promote creative thinking, and parents tell children to focus on ‘money making degrees’. Ironically, upon graduation, the youth of Uganda enter a pit of unemployment with their degrees but with little or no experience, and a lack of creativity to sustain themselves in an economy that lacks jobs and diversity.

Artistic Performances: Improvisation frees the imagination

Invited artist from Denis Plassard will create a spontaneous group choreography with the attending audience in collaboration with a Ugandan dance group.
Invited local / East African Graffiti artists focused on the use of arts as a political tool, to create an improvised artwork in a public space accompanied by music and live percussion, taking inspiration from the works of Christian Sebastiani that filled the walls of Sorbonne during the uprisings in France, 1968.

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