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Dear Men, it's time to stop dying in silence and start speaking up, you are not as strong as you think!!

Dear Men, it’s time to stop dying in silence and start speaking up, you are not as strong as you think!!

I wake up everyday to see beautiful articles about “WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN”, “MOULDING STRONG WOMEN”, “WIFE NOT COOK”, WOMEN FOR WOMEN” and many others.

Trust me, I totally appreciate this movements and I pray it stands the test of time and not run out of ideas in the long run.

Women setting up businesses for themselves and cementing their status as CEOs and Managers of big business establishments is fast becoming a norm, one we truly celebrate.

But while you are teaching the woman how to be strong , who is teaching the man to be sensible? While you’re celebrating the woman, who is celebrating the man? Today is International Men’s Day, the radios are quiet, the TVs are not even looking at us, it appears the world is against the man as compared to  the woman. No gifts to male employees from their bosses as is the norm always when it comes to women’s day.

But do you know that no matter how strong and empowered a woman is, she will always be a punching bag to a man who believes in dominating her.

So yes, men, the earlier we talk to ourselves the better.

The only reason most of these ladies are acting this way is because most brothers have allowed the devil to use them tremendously well.

I know some male children have been victims of rape, abuse etc but no one actually looks out for them. Personally in 2017, a 30something year old lady deliberately tried to touch my crotch in a night bus from Soroti to Kampala. I had to switch seats with an older man whom I actually lied to that I was feeling feverish and the cold from the window was affecting me negatively.

A male sexual harassment story is usually dismissed as silly or unimportant, even his fellow guys would laugh at him for being a weakling for allowing a woman harrass  him.

Some boys just grow to think that it’s okay to hit a woman simply because their fathers did the same thing to their mothers.

Boys need to be taught at an early age that it is wrong and under no circumstances must they lay their hands on a woman unless if it is in self defence, in case a female thug attacks them.

Boys who have been abused should also be given counselling so that they don’t grow to hate women and unleash mayhem on them.

Boys should be listened to and also pampered so they can feel loved by the society and not neglected.

If we have a center that teaches just girls basic skills, why can’t we have one for boys?  Why can’t we also teach these women that men as much as they appear strong are actually weak emotionally and also need to be loved and not taken advantage of and abused?

A man is not a beast of burden, a man, like every other human, is a creature that  needs attention and affection.

A man also wants to be cuddled, listened to and cared for.

Not every rapists are badly raised, some of them are confused, demented and angry.

Am I making excuses for them? Over my dead body. I’m just saying certain things can be averted.

Teach your daughter to respect men and be courteous towards them, teach her to appreciate the little things of life and not to put pressure on men.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can surely train it’s child not to be as wild.

A man who sees doing chores as normal is an empowered man, the reverse is true.


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