Dear Future Partner

Three years from today, I will be ready for you to share my life, and I yours. But first, there are certain things that I must accomplish on my own. Please bear with me. Find patience in the promise that you will have yourself a better woman then than you would get if we emotely got into it today. In the meantime, there are some things I would also like you to take the next three years thinking deeply about.

  1. My gender makes a promise my personality and life plan have no intention to ever deliver. If what you want is a sweet, obedient, loving wife to give you heirs, I won’t waste your time. Don’t wait for me. Kids are not for me, and I question everything. If you do not have a good argument, you will always leave with a headache and an intellectually bloodied nose.
  2. With my impeccable qualities come my flaws. Like an exquisite red dress and the lust of men, you can’t have only the one. But as she was to Frank Underwood, I will be your Claire. Loyal, intentional, your biggest fan. Nothing will ever matter to me more than working at your side so together we can become our best selves.
  3. As Wendy was to Chuck, it is in my arms that you can always be sure to find comfort and understanding, where you can come to break down and feel safe without judgment. Because being a man everywhere all day can take a toll. And in my world emotions are beautiful. In my presence, you will always have the permission to feel everything from the day you were born, and talk about how it makes you feel when you want to.
  4. As the best friend that I will inevitably become for you, I will never leave your side. I will love you and I will remember every day to cherish you, especially when it’s hard. Because I will single you out from half the world, with my utmost attention to every last detail, you will be exceptional; a man among men. And when we hit hard times, I will remind myself of how special you are. Of the fact that you are worthy of me, and of the work we will both put in to sail hand in hand to the other side.
  5. Lastly, am out here working my butt off to deliver the absolute best to the table that we will one day share. I hope you are out there doing the same. The work will not be over when we finally unite; hardly. Only then, we will have each other, to halve each other’s load yet at the same time, double our product. I will be frank and tell you when you can do better. I will call you out when you can be better. More than anything, our home will be your safe haven from the chaos of life, and I will be, forever, your peace.

Until then, be well, My Love.

With love, patience and quiet anticipation, your future Queen.

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Written by Oburungi Bwirizayo (1)

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