Clearing the air…

Juma shoved left and right as he run with his heavy equipment towards the target. He was part of a throng of journalists that were all charging towards the subject of the day, a stern looking woman who had caused quite an internet storm with statements that were alleged to have come from her. The race was on to see who would get the first sound bite from her to verify the truth of the matter.

Up ahead, Juma could see his colleague Joyce sprinting ahead of the other presenters towards the lady. A bright girl that Joyce. She always had a backup pair of flat shoes for occasions like this and had put them on immediately after seeing the crowd that was gathered outside the office block waiting for the subject to emerge.

Juma breathlessly spoke into his earpiece and alerted the crew back at the station to be on standby for a live feed. They informed him that they were just wrapping up the GoTV commercial about their Ugx 76500 January offer including an antenna, decoder and one month of GoTV Max. Even as he finished the conversation, he was already assembling his apparatus midrun and pointing it at Joyce who was closing in on the woman. 

They made such a great team.

As Joyce screeched to a halt next to the lady, who was observing the commotion with amused disdain, and patted her hair back in place before shooting her shot, Juma came to a halt close by, pointed the camera at the two of them ready to shoot, while everyone else fumbled to get their things together, and spoke into the microphone telling the crew at base that they were ready to go live.

Joyce, ‘Joyce reporting live for NBC from Central Kampala. We are here with Mrs Bwino who has become infamous because of statements she allegedly made. Mrs Bwino, I believe you’ve heard the words attributed to you. Can you…:

Bwino, ‘Yes, I’ve read and heard about that.’

Joyce, ‘OK. Can you confirm that what is said you said is truly what you said?’

Bwino, ‘I did indeed say what it’s said I said.’

Joyce, looking straight into the camera, ‘ Well, there you have it, viewers. You heard it first from NBC that Mrs Bwino said what she said. Joyce reporting from central Kampala.’

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