BrighterMonday Introduces a Better Way to Recruit

Uganda’s leading career website, BrighterMonday, has launched a new and improved Employer Centre to help streamline the hiring process – saving 40% on recruitment time. Building upon their database of jobseeker profiles, the easy-to-use online tool makes it faster and easier to post job ads. Then employers can reject, review, shortlist, offer and hire candidates – solving the issue of having to sort through too many applications for open positions.

The user-friendly technology comes after months of market research. “We surveyed employers across East Africa to better understand their pain points.” Said BrighterMonday’s Product Manager James Lawrence. “Our new employer center solves these challenges”.

The top issue facing employers was how to effectively manage the number of job applications that came in for popular jobs. Many HR professionals are currently using work email to handle applications, but this leads to a cluttered inbox and inefficient processes. The employer center allows you to centrally manage the recruitment process end-to-end: reject, review, shortlist, offer, hire.

However, many employers note that unsuitable applicants often apply for roles; those who do not meet the criteria specified in the job description. A simple solution is the employer center’s filters. Sort candidates by education, years experience, current position and other key factors against the candidate’s profile.

For those who do meet the hiring criteria, it’s one click to preview of download their CV, before using the employer center’s in-built email functionality to contact candidates to invite them for interviews or send other targeted communications.

But managing candidates was not the only issue facing employers the in-depth research uncovered. While job websites allow recruiters to reach a larger pool of talent than available in their personal networks, the process of posting a job ad was cumbersome. It is for this reason, rigorous user-experience testing went into posting processes for the new employer center, where HR professionals can now add, edit, extend and expire job ads with ease. Moreover, they can control their ads and access detailed performance statistics 24/7 from their employer accounts.

Lastly, employers often found job seekers who may not be suitable for the advertised role, but would be a good company fit for another role. Yet they had no convenient place to store such profiles. This is solved with the release of candidate pools, where you can save top talent in groups and contact the job seekers when a suitable position becomes available. Meaning employers can staff a position without having to even put the job ad online.

“Our aim has always been to connect employers with job seekers. But we also understand that in some cases, employers may receive too many applicants and this can slow down the recruitment process.” Says BrighterMonday’s Product Manager James Lawrence. “By improving our technology, employers can quickly and easily filter down to the qualified candidates for that particular role. While saving other candidate profiles who may be suitable for future roles. This serves both sides. Employers hire faster. Job seekers have more opportunities.”

See the new features for yourself by watching the Employer Centre video or creating an employer account on

About BrighterMonday

BrighterMonday is Uganda’s leading jobs website connecting employers and job seekers. With over 10 years experience in hiring & recruitment, BrighterMonday offers applicant management technology and advertising opportunities to reach qualified candidates across all East Africa.


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