Break into a state of extreme perfection


We are divine, we are magical , we are the exquisite replicas of a being so mysterious his name brews faith and belief every single day of our lives. we are here one purpose and one purpose only, Be the best versions of a singular creations to portrait the grand design of the his universal creation.

You as well as i am are the product of all the choices we’ve  made up until now. You are the result of all the actions you’ve embarked on in all your years of existence. Do you hear what i’m saying?! If you don’t like what you see in the mirror then do something about it. I am not asking you to complain or beat yourself up. I am asking you to distance yourself from your flaws and embrace the challenge towards something you’ve not done before. For everything you want that is great in life, you have to make the time. Put aside your excuses and change everything bad in your comfort zone. Everything worth success starts at the edge of your comfort zone and  where your path begins.

When your comfort zone becomes a dead zone you will start to see the patterns of opportunities. At this moment a paradigm of once a complex mesh starts to unwind before you mapping routes to unclaimed success. The mind-set is a powerful weapon, believe me i know!  Make sure what you think about now and that something you want had both better be positive intention.

That intention should build you towards something worthwhile.  Create an imagination of impossibilities and let them freely unfold in your mind.

“If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. Whatever you are, that’s what you draw to you”. It’s that simple. That’s the law of attraction baby!

What can and cannot happen all begins with what you think and what you are willing to let happen. Everything else comes secondary. God has the power to alter our decisions and actions but he gives us free will. That’s how much he trusts us. Don’t concentrate your thoughts on things you don’t want to happen or believe in let alone weigh you down.

We human being are the only creatures on the planet earth that are born into a natural state of disorientation with our world. That is why all other creatures are guided by instincts of which they are neither aware or have the capacity to question. Each of us as human creatures was given the God like power to create his or her own life and each of us does exactly that all the years of his or her life.

Cut all the myths, conspiracy theories, the blame game, the excuses or the clichés and embark on a common sense paradigm of simple rules that will propel you as an individual to a specific outcome of success of your liking.


Apparently to have an extraordinary life you’ve got have an extraordinary psychology.” Personally I don’t disagree. The thing is your extraordinary psychology shouldn’t be this complex persona but rather a set of beliefs and simple variables of behaviour that embody the best of you morally, physically, mentally, spiritually and professionally while maintaining a high adrenaline of positive ambition to succeed in all your endeavours on matter the challenge.

So today, condition your focus to be your best. Am conditioning myself to do the things others are not will to do. I am moulding my state of mind to perfection and there is nothing no one will do to change that. My attitude is set and my mind-set is locked in. how about you, what do you have to say for yourself!

Forget luck. Charity is everything. Be very clear about the things you want in life and set out to achieve them. If something isn’t working, stop! evaluate your mistake and do better. Don’t run away from your failures or mistakes. You will keep encountering them over and over again until you face them head on.


Written by SilentWhisperinG

you really would need to  become acquainted with me to fully conceptualize the depth of my personality and how you fit in it..

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