Born Evil

Anger, rivalry, conflict and envy and war, yes murder are in the heart of a human from birth. The older he grows, the more developed his evil.

A baby scratching the face of another. Toddlers shuffling for a larger share of lunch. Juveniles gripping each other’s throats for the more comfortable seat. The list goes on.

The pride in our heart convinces us that we are better than others. Henceforth comes the urg to stamp that with dominance over others.

Forget about the sordid metering of imperialism by the colonial masters. The mad fanatic rush for superiority by Adolf Hitler and his likes. The two enunciated above are obvious examples. However, looking around us now, modern power thirst is painted all around.

The more developed and sophisticated our civilization becomes, the more complex power hunger grows.

From its lowest and insignificant facets such as sports, entertainment and arguably culture breed juggernauts like trade, ideology, and economic weighing of muscles.

In 1939 the world was in terror of the Axis Powers. Today the world is frightened by the extreme West flexing with the Middle and extreme East. The looming fever of an abnormal tripling of prices causes shiver across the globe.

Why does a nation impose sanctions on auto spare parts from other nations? Why does a country order others to abort importing goods from a so called extremist state? Why do people have to spend aeons of hours and huge sums of money to make weapons good enough to annihilate millions in a blink of an eye? The answer is the inborn desire to dominate others.

Sometimes we point fingers at the Kim Jong Uns, the Ji Xinpings, and the Putin’s of the world. But do we realize that three other fingers point back at us?

Almost all big political, economic and financial decisions made in this century are geared towards amassing more power for their adopters.

Power is like alcohol. Pride is the marijuana of the powerful. The two combined together produce an aggressive power vampire, often I the guise of a patriot or a bears of light to the ‘unfortunate’.

As drunk as Hitler, Mussolini and Emperor Tojo were, so drunk are the so called bearers of power today. Whether they accept it or not.

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Written by Isaac Lawrence Odongo (0)

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