Blow to private lawyers’ case against Kayihura as witnesses withdraw



kayihura1The private prosecution before the Makindye Chief Magistrate’s Court against the police chief, General Kale Kayihura alongside seven of his junior officers, Tuesday, suffered a setback, after three witnesses withdrew.

The private prosecution being spearheaded by Lukwago&Co. advocates contends that General Kayihura in conjunction with other junior police officers, orchestrated the beating and torturing of Dr Kizza Besigye’s supporters, last month.

General Kayihura, who is expected to appear before the Makindye court on Wednesday, to plead to torture charges contrary to sections; 4,7,8,9 and 10 of the prevention and prohibition of the torture act of 2010, is insisting that he’s not aware of the charges against him since he hasn’t received any criminal summons to that effect.


Despite lining up 20 lawyers successfully to testify against Kayihura once the trial against Kayihura commences, the prosecution suffered a setback with three youth who had assured them support in terms of producing incriminating evidence in a case of police brutality against civilians opted out.


Addressing journalists at Makerere University, three members of the group including Andrew Ssebitosi, Rogers Ddiba and Joseph Kaddu, claimed that they were “bribed” to testify against the IGP yet they were not among those beaten.

“I was called by the lawyers to come and act as a complainant in the case involving the police brutality,” Ssebitosi said, “there is a force behind it [plot against Kayihura] I came up with my friends to come and clear this error and prove our innocence and the name of General Kayihura and the police in general and I wanted to tell you that I was set up.”

The group revealed that they were approached by a group of lawyers and offered Shs 800,000 each, with a promise that they would receive Shs 5m each, after testifying.

Ministers, army officers fighting Kayihura

The former anti, but now pro-Kayihura group further alleged that the plot to taint the image of the IGP and the police force at large, involves “ministers and high-ranking army officers” whose names they declined to divulge.

The pronouncement by these youth, came just few hours after Dr Kizza Besigye, the former FDC presidential candidate said that he would be “happy” to see Kayihura in the dock at Makindye court tomorrow.

Besigye, said that he was to attend the unprecedented moment of the “hunter being hunted,” calling upon Ugandans to join him in witnessing the history.

Besigye, was speaking to press shortly after reporting to high court criminal division in fulfillment of the conditions set for him in respect of the treason case against him.

“Yes I will be in Makindye court tomorrow to witness Kayihura step into the dock so that he knows when he is acting illegally, he can also come in the same court dock,” the opposition stalwart, told the press at high court on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Besigye, who is expected in Nakawa magistrates court on August12 regarding charges of unlawfully ascending himself to the office of the president without following the due process, would return to the high court on August23.


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