A Letter to the man am becoming.


I am a simple man with simple needs. I’m down to earth and outgoing yet cold and distant and I have an ego. Yes i do, but my brain is bigger than my ego. I’m esoteric! Not your ordinary kind of guy yet I have the same cravings like all other men. I love sex, good sex! Food, oohh that stuff gets me going and a better taste of alcohol. Okay to be specific I like red wines and dry liquor. Anything punch can spell kryptonite for me. I don’t remember the last time I got sick but I have had my fair share of health setbacks. I get the occasional ups and downs but above all I am a jolly dude. I smile even when am pissed and never quite give people room to figure me out although most believe they have me figured out. hahahahahha! that one never gets old.

I like to make peace and will apologise even when am not at fault. Call me weak but I think I have more power than you care to imagine. I’ve loved and fallen out of love. Know what it means! I’ve fantasised and dreamt. It’s all human nature.

But this is what I want though! as me, me, me…

I want a simple life. When I say simple, I don’t mean shitty. I am saying, something free of drama, hate and power struggles. I want a simple wake up job, no matter what job, that gives me a steady follow of income and keeps me happy in a humane way.  A simple lifestyle, good friends, loving family and a nice small home with small space, artistic setting with rare earthly materials. I want my wardrobe to have a collection of everything but only what I need. Nothing more, nothing less.

decluttered wardrobe
Simple neat wardrobe. Nothing more, nothing less.

I think I will have myself a container house. Nicely pieced together with simple furnishing. I love pallets. I think I will have those in my house. Lots of them. I don’t know if I will manage a fireplace but it would be great to read to my kids stories at a fireplace while my lovely wife knits or sit in a comfortable sofa with her on my lap gazing in the fire while we recap our day’s events on cold nights. I will have a nice big bed made of pallets, a few inches off the ground resting perfectly on a nice thick woollen carpet.

simple house
A simple container house

I am a God fearing dude and that’s all there is to it. Whether I go to church or not doesn’t justify my faith in God. FYI I do go to church! I think i want a nice outdoor wedding with a few people, devoid of all the hussle, rules and customs of family and church. Of course there will be a priest and saying of vows. duhh! Am catholic. From a strong family for that matter, but that doesn’t dictated my choice of bride. I’m open minded and value faith and love over religion. About the vows, i will write those myself.

I want to fall madly in love with the same woman over and over again and make sure she never has to doubt by loyalty to her over other women. It’s what real men do. I want to make her smile and have cute babies with her. Not many but enough to break all the glassware in our house before their 10th birthdays. I want to travel and eat rare foods. Ppsst! I only eat stuff I can dream about in good faith. I want to read books, a lot of books and keep a huge library of hardcovers in my house before I’m 50years. I also want a digital station with tera gigs backup of more books. I’m a blend of old school and next gen geek!

I don’t want a very beautiful woman that collects men’s souls wherever she goes, i just want a pretty, attractively compelling woman in an obscure way with great intellect and a diverse conceptualization of life and everything around it. No heavy makeup or skimpy dresses. Oohh oohhh i do love lingerie though! hahahahahahhaa…. Lingerie on an intelligent woman drives me crazy, what can i say am sapiosexual after all! Anyways i want simple things with perfect executions.

I want to have nice long walks with my woman as I listen to her worries and joys, read bedtime stories to my kids and tell them about me and mummy because it’s what deep men do. I want to have mature conversations with my friends and connect with them on a deep professional level but also rebuke them when I see it fit because it’s what good friends do. I want to become a memorable Rotarian some day and have a lot to look back on and say, “I did make a difference in my community” because it’s what actual humanitarians do.

I want to be a wonderful husband, a darling partner, a great father, a solid friend, a stellar Rotarian, an efficient worker, an involved family man and above all a vessel of God for hope.  I want to be the me I have been dreaming about for the last 20 something years. I am my biggest role model and best fan. It’s what real humans do.

simple house2
My definition of a simple, peaceful, house.

But today i want to be a light beacon for you. Yes you, you. Don’t look back, i mean you.


Good day and thank you once again for being a loyal audience……and credit to pinterest. All images i used here i got from various pinterest boards including my own collections. “when am not imagining them, am curating them!”

Written by SilentWhisperinG

you really would need to  become acquainted with me to fully conceptualize the depth of my personality and how you fit in it..

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